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    Share this article Share Eventually Shellard was arrested and hauled before the courts, where she admitted four charges of failing to notify of a change in circumstances. Up and about: Surveillance footage of Tracey Shellard slimming nyc a shopping trip recorded by Department for Work and Pensions investigators proved to be crucial evidence in convicting her of benefit fraud Caught in the act: Tracey Shellard, 49, of Slimming nyc nyc, Manchester, pictured centre, was filmed carrying a television during a DWP sting - despite saying she was too fat to make a cup of tea Spending spree: Tracey Shellard, who claimed slimming nyc be too fat to work, was caught by undercover investigators buying a flat screen TV Jonathan Rogers, prosecuting, told the court that Shellard had been overpaid a total of £98, although she would have been entitled to £8, of the cash in tax credits if she had been honest.

    She claimed disability living allowance fromwith payments increased to a higher rate after she detailed health problems linked to her obesity. Slimming nyc, inShellard began getting more exercise and lost eight stone.

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    Byshe had lost a further ten stone. Shellard also lied about living alone to rake in income support, housing benefit, and council tax benefit. In fact, she was living with her husband of 23 years, who was in work and supporting her financially.

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    She told officers: 'If I had help I would go everywhere - I just want to be normal, but I know that will never be.