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To put this into historical perspective, it was an unorthodox idea in the 's to suggest that warfarin, a rat poison, could be repositioned into a breakthrough drug in humans to protect against strokes as a blood thinner.

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Yet it was approved in as Coumadin® and has been prescribed to billions of patients as a standard of care. Similarly, no one can forget the horrific effects of thalidomide, prescribed or available without a prescription, as both a sleeping pill and "morning sickness" anti-nausea medication targeting pregnant women in the 's.

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The "thalidomide babies" became the case-in-point for the need of strict guidelines by the U. More recently it was found that thalidomide is useful in graft versus host disease, leprosy and resistant tuberculosis treatment, and as an anti-angiogenesis agent as a breakthrough drug for multiple myeloma except for pregnant female patients. Decades of diabetes drug discovery research has historically focused on every possible angle, except, the energy-out side of the equation, namely, raising mitochondrial energy expenditure with chemical uncouplers.

The idea of "social responsibility" allowed energy-in agents to be explored and the portfolio is robust with medicines of insulin sensitizers, insulin analogues, secretagogues, SGLT2 inhibitors, etc.

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The primary reason? It appeared unorthodox, to return to exploring a drug platform used in the s in overobese patients used for weight loss.

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This is over years ago and prior to Dr Peter Mitchell explaining the mechanism of how mitochondrial uncouplers, like 2,4-dinitrophenol DNP even worked by three decades later in Although there is a clear application for metabolic disease, it was not until recently that this platform was explored for its merit at very low, weight-neutral doses, for treating insidious human illnesses and completely unrelated to weight reduction.

It is known that mitochondrial uncouplers specifically target the pierdere în greutate blue bell pa organelle's physiology non-genomically. There is evidence that elevation of isoprostanes precedes disease onset, in Alzheimer's Disease AD. Is there a relationship to a buildup of mutations that are sequestered over time due to ROSs exceeding the rate of repair?

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If ROS production were managed, could disease onset due to aging be delayed or prevented? Is it possible that most, if not all neurodegenerative diseases are manifested through mitochondrial dysfunction? Although DNP, a historic mitochondrial uncoupler, was used in the s at high doses for obesity in well pierdere în greutate blue bell pahumans, and so far, it has never been an FDA-approved drug.

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This review will focus on the application of using DNP, but now, repositioned as a potential disease-modifying drug for a legion of insidious diseases at much lower and paradoxically, weight neutral doses. DNP will be addressed as a treatment for "metabesity", an emerging term related to the global comorbidities associated with the over-nutritional phenotype; obesity, diabetes, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis NASHmetabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, but including neurodegenerative disorders and accelerated aging.

Some unexpected drug findings will be discussed, such as DNP's induction of neurotrophic growth factors involved in neuronal heath, learning and cognition.

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